Lazy Beach On Koh Rong Samloem


In the early morning we left Champa Lodge and took a tuk- tuk to a travel agency. We got on a minivan 🚐 that would take us to Sihanoukville, the big city in the south of Cambodia πŸ‡°πŸ‡­. We had some snacks at a restaurant called Yasmine. I ordered a mango shake, Denise ordered a lime shake, and my parents both got falafel wrapsπŸ₯™. We almost missed our boat. The name of the pier in Sihanoukville was Serendipity Pier which I thought was very funny. We boarded our boat to Koh Rong Samloem. Koh Rong Samloem consists of 2 beaches, Saracen Bay which had lots of resorts and tourists and Lazy Beach where we stayed. Our resort was the only one on Lazy Beach which was nice because we are used to so many tourists. We were staying at Lazy Beach for 4 nights. On the first day we just relaxed on the beach πŸ– and went swimming in the ocean. Just before bedtime we went into the ocean and saw bioluminescence. It was so cool. Bioluminescence is little plankton in the water that glow when you touch them, you can only see them at night because the sun β˜€οΈ is too strong to see the glow. On the second morning, I woke up for the sunrise πŸŒ… and read my book πŸ“š for a while. For breakfast I had a peanut butter baguette and I really liked it. That afternoon we rented snorkel gear and went out to see the fish 🐠. We saw so many fish! Fish we saw included yellow and black striped fish, big circular orange and white fish, and blue & brown fish with a leopard pattern. Unfortunately my skin got really irritated from the salt water and little red dots broke out all over my body 😒. That night we had a delicious dinner and my parents played Backgammon, (they love that game). The next morning me and Denise went to the restaurant alone, we played the card game War and I ordered French Toast and Honey 🍯. It was such a big portion. It was like 14 little pieces of French Toast! After breakfast me and my dad played badminton 🏸 and then we went swimming 🏊. We got a lot of bites from “Sea Lice”, sea lice are little fleas in the water that bite you, the bite stings a little but not for long. After lunch we went snorkelling again and we saw big blue & green fish. It was awesome! Next, me and my dad played Bocce ball, he won 3-0😒. Me and Denise did a lot of schoolwork and reading πŸ“– after that. We went to dinner but it took a little while because it was pretty busy. It is usually busy because there are twenty bungalows on the resort. I was very tired 😴 so I went to bed early and woke up early, again me and Denise had breakfast alone, we ordered a fruit πŸ‰ salad and pancakes πŸ₯ž to share. We played a big game of UNO and unfortunately Denise won. We tried to go snorkelling but it was a little murky in the water. On our last dinner I ordered Spring Rolls with vegetables which were very good. The next morning we woke up early because we were taking the boat at 9:00am back to Sihanoukville. The boat on the way back was so nauseating, I think half the people on the boat threw up 🀒and there were like 20 people on the boat. When we finally got off the boat we were exhausted and sickened. Me and Denise ordered a lime shake at Yasmine and my dad got Ice Tea. We are staying in Sihanoukville for one night and then the next day we will fly to Hoi An in Vietnam πŸ‡»πŸ‡³.


15 thoughts on “Lazy Beach On Koh Rong Samloem

  1. Evan,
    So great to have your morning blog back. Although, being ‘off line’ at Lazy Beach sounds pretty idyllic. I also got to swim at night in waters with bioluminescence, It was in Puerto Rico and I will never forget it. I had really long hair then and seeing the glow that my hair made in the water was magical. Sorry that some of your rides have been nauseating – I can relate. But. so proud. that you guys are open to new adventures and experiences. Travel often includes some challenges but those can turn into good memories when you get home. Take care. Love to all. Keep the posts coming and GO Raptors GO!!


  2. Welcome back! It felt like you were offline for a long time. You guys definitely weren’t being lazy at Lazy Beach – this sounds like an action-packed few days. I don’t think I’ve ever seen bioluminescence before. What’s a peanut butter baguette? Is it just a baguette with peanut butter on it (which is always delicious) or is it a peanut butter flavoured baguette (if so, please bring me 100 of them)?


  3. Wow!! What an amazing 4 days on an idyllic island. Sounds like everyone enjoyed some down time. Bioluminescence is magical. I remember seeing it in Thailand or maybe it was in Malaysia. I’m very excited to see you soooo soon! I’m leaving tonight to head to the airport and will see you on the 17th In Hoi An. I will be quite jet lagged but so excited to spend the next two weeks with you. Maybe you’ll let me do a guest post!!! Xox


  4. Boy ,Evan, you are having non stop activities! Glad you all survived the boat ride and Lazy Beach sounds idyllic. I am looking forward to hearing about your reunion with Auntie Cle. Sending love as always- Nana


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